Multiple colors and sizes of the flakes can be chosen.

Full Flake Floors

Durability and beauty

A base coat of direct-to-concrete industrial epoxy is applied first to create a tight bond to the properly prepared surface.

After the epoxy is applied, the floor is then fully broadcast with the flakes of your choosing, INCLUDING custom colors!

Finally a coat of clear poly-urea is applied to give the finish a wet look shine that will last for many years to come.

The full flake system is resistant to oil, chemicals, hot tire pickup and much more. This is a durable solution for many needs, including industrial, residential, interior and exterior applications.  This is the most durable coating we offer which gives it's resistance to failure in high traffic areas, and with heavy cars and equipment passing over it.

There are many DIY kits that claim to do the same, however the product is often misleading and while it is an epoxy, they are more often than not water based epoxies rather than the industrial epoxies we offer. The DIY solutions will often fail within a few years due to improper preparation as well. The diamond grinding we do first is what gives our product the grip that will hold on for over 10 years!

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We offer free estimates for full flake epoxy floors, and we are proud to offer a wide range of  color choices.